1st April - Today's News: Berkelely Group Climate Review: Provisional Results Confirm Global Warming

Berkeley team announces early results from global warming review - and as predicted, it's not going all the deniers' way ....
...there is very close agreement between the Berkeley analysis and the warming trends reported by the major three climate groups, that is a rise of around 0.7 degrees C since 1957. In notes prepared in advance of Thursday's hearings, Muller writes: "The Berkeley Earth agreement with the prior analysis surprised us..."

Anthony Watts, published a report claiming the problem with "poor stations" was serious enough to render the US temperature record unreliable. Based on preliminary work, Muller says this isn't true. "Over the past 50 years the poor stations in the US network do not show greater warming than do the good stations,"
It will be interesting to see the full results. Meanwhile some folk ought start being careful crossing the road. Just in case.

As provisionally reported on Wednesday, Perth records hottest, sunniest March on record. And it wasn't just WA that had a record breaking month. Here in Evesham it was my warmest ever (records to 2003) and also my driest ever month (though records there only to 2007) with just 6.7mm - about 15% of average. It was also the third 'winter' month in which no wintry precipitation at all was observed. The UK Met Office are also reporting the driest March for years.

In contrast to Perth, for Ballarat it was the coldest March in 24 years

There's also been a new cyclone warning issued for Kimberley coast

Untold damage left by wave of storms in Florida while on the other side of the country heavy rains give way to W Washington flooding and in the NE it's snow joke: slushy, snowy April first on tap. Meanwhile the end of California's drought signals a good time to hit the slopes.

Small earthquake hits Blackpool - reports that a small sandcastle suffered superficial damage from a 2mm tsunami remain unconfirmed. Radiation levels are stable.

Namibia's President Pohamba declares floods emergency while in SE Asia Thai flood toll reaches 25 and in Malaysia more people evacuated in flood-hit Perlis.

More than 8 million East Africans need food aid due to drought, UN reports

Bad news for all with wheat costs surging as lingering La Nina threatens to curb global harvests

This is not exactly news to some of us, but always useful to get an up to date report that contrails warm the world more than aviation emissions. Back in 2005 we heard that longer airline flights proposed to combat global warming. Personally, I'd just stop flying. You save money as well as the world that way!

Whale and dolphin death toll during Deepwater may have been vastly underestimated (compare this with the Fukushima disaster which is affected a vastly smaller area and regardless of radiation levels will have a much, much, smaller impact on marine life). And talking of which, Japan nuclear evacuation 'will be long term' but this continues to overshadow the real tragedy, with latest reports indicating 11,500 confirmed dead and 16,500 still missing. No-one has yet died from radiation and the worst case scenario will be not even begin to compare with the tsunami.

Cities ignore climate change at their peril says a new UN report

And the result of the India census: population goes up to 1.21Bn It's worth noting that this is equivalent to the estimated world population in 1850. There are currently around 6.9bn people on the planet, many living in areas not conducive to large natural populations. And we wonder why so many lack food and water ..... or, indeed, cities are so hot and congested.


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