16th April - Today's News: Death Toll 10 From US Storms

Storm swipes deep south, death toll rises to 10 and a spring blizzard strands travellers in Nebraska.

Jersey enters 'absolute drought' with supply concerns - we had rain here on the 3rd so it'll be Monday before Evesham is 'officially' experiencing a drought.

Good news for SE Asia: normal monsoon rain: summer prediction at SASCOF

An interesting twist in the nuclear power debate as uranium mining threatens America's natural heritage sites, report warns.

Just one of the many, many, tragic stories from last month's Japan tsunami telling of death and survival at school swimming club.

In stark contrast, some clever humour as one blogster claims global warming to blame for Fernando Torres goal drought.

And still on the humour note, though of a different kind, Wattsy and Co have been getting their knickers badly twisted again over claims 'the UN 'disappears' 50 million climate refugees'. What they were all too pained to notice was that the chart was totally irrelevant to the claim, and that the claim - that the number of environmental refugees by 2010 could be double the 25 million recorded in 1995 - has not in any way been invalidated. So far as I'm aware no figures for 2010 are available. So the figure could even be higher.


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