8th April - Today's News: Record Warm April Temperatures in Britain

'Mega-storm' slams parts of Alaska to show winter isn;t quite over up there yet. But in Britain, the warmest April 6 on record brings promise of weekend heatwave - the 7th wasn't quite so warm but at 22.5c was also a UK date record. Here in Evesham we hit 21.9c on Wednesday, not my warmest April temperature but certainly a record for the date and indeed first half of the month.

Flood fight ramps up in Winnipeg, province issues warnings on rising waters

There's a new warning on Arctic ice melt - with a prediction now that we may see most summer sea ice disappear with the decade. Reading between the lines, I think what Wieslaw Maslowski is really saying is that we shouldn't assume that it'll not be until at least 2040 before we see an ice free Arctic - it could happen sooner, perhaps as soon as 2019. Which is not the same as saying it will!

Thunderstorm numbers calculated - apparently across the planet there are 760 an hour. Or, in Evesham, about 0.00005 an hour (5 or 6 a year. If we're lucky).

I guess this goes into the stating the bleedin' obvious box: today's weather affects attitudes on global warming - after all, how can the world be warming if it's freezing outside and the snow is falling heavy?

Echoing the views of James Lovelock, Prof Brendan Gleeson has said he thinks Ireland will be a 'lifeboat' for people fleeing climate chaos.

A couple of earthquakes yesterday had the woo-woo brigade running in panic. First a deep mag 6.5 quake hits Mexico, minor damage reported and then a little more seriously, in Japan: powerful aftershock leaves three dead. Meanwhile, it's now been determined that the 11th March Japan earthquake caused displacement of about two meters. And Fukushima-related radioactive materials measured across entire northern hemisphere - a reflection on just how sensitive the recording stations are to detect such miniscule traces.

ESA have released stunning new pictures of the mist-capped volcanoes of Mars - including more evidence that water once flowed on the planet's surface.


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