10th July - Today's News: Warmest 12 Month Period in US Records

Heavy rain, flooding closes roads in fire ravaged Colo. as US has hottest year since 1865 (when records began)  Though they mean 12 months period, not calendar year.   The full NOAA report is here.

Britain braces for more rain and flooding chaos - looks like it could be rather wet here at the end of the week and with the ground now fairly saturated, the risk of river flooding is increasing.

Flooding clear-up in Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge starts after the 3rd flash floods there in the space of 3 weeks

And Michael Hanlon, in what looks a well researched piece, asks would someone please tell us why it won't stop raining?

Belgium tourism officials 'suing weather forecaster over rain predictions' - be interesting to see how this pans out.  Does this mean that we future we should only predict the weather people want?    Moreover, did the forecaster push the story about a wet summer, or was it a purely journalistic decision to run the story?    And what happens if the forecast proves correct? 

Talking of forecasters,  Wattsy has decided to try putting Piers Corbyn to the test - some interesting comments, and some silly ones.  Willis Eschenbach's comments are well worth reading though.

Elsewhere on WUWT, they've got all excited over a new study in which climate in northern Europe reconstructed for the past 2,000 years: Cooling trend calculated precisely for first time.   They seem for some reason to think this preoves we're entering catastrophic global cooling and that there is no AGW signal .......  Bizarre.   What it actually does is confirm the well known cooling trend over the past 4-5,000 years (Neoglacial) clearly shown in GISP ice cores, caused by a slow by steady decline in axial tilt.   A a slow and steady decline that, all else beig equal, should continue for a few ore thousand years, though never enough to precipitate us into a new glacial.   AGW appears to have reversed that trend over recent decades with, notably, higher latitudes in the N Hemisphere (where cooling from declining axial tilt should be most pronounced, since that's the region receiving less sunlight) showing the greatest warming trend.   In other words, this study it supports AGW.   Though of course, it is only based on tree rings ....


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