30th July - Today's News: Four Polish Hikers Killed by Lightning

In a rare incident, 4 Polish hikers killed by lightning in Pieniny mountains ,  whilst there were also  record lightning strikes on Sunday in Finland

I still don't really get the point of grandiose theatrical opening ceremonies for a sporting event, but it has to be said that the opening of the Olympics on Friday night was very clever, with some nice bits of British humour, and something to be proud of.  And good to see 205 seperate nations represented.  Also, it didn't rain, although there was a brief shower before the ceremony began.   Not that that stopped Piers Corbyn from expressing delight that his prediction of thunderstorms and deluges was correct and that the MetO's forecast that there was just a small risk of a shower was wrong .......   Maybe he was watching a repeat of the Euro football chanpionships in Ukraine?   Saturday proved another fine day but some heavu showers on Sunday - not that that stopped Lizzie Armistead from winning an unexpected silver in the women's cycling road race.   Meanwhile, Britons sing in the rain at beach volleyball - the compeitors were already wearing their bikinis!

And still we need more rain: water companies warn of another drought if we do not have a soaking wet winter.  The problem is that wet summers do not replensh the water table, for that we need rain in winter.

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