14th July - Today's News: Rain, Rain Everywhere, Except the Western Isles

Yet more flash floods in north Powys after heavy rain yesterday afternoon, with flood rescues as rivers rise in Shropshire.   We had a couple of mm of rain overnight and that was all, once again missing the 'action'.

And some folk won't be too happen to read that hundreds of UK flood defence schemes unbuilt due to budget cuts - of course part of the problem is that when we have a cold winter, folk demand more money spent on snowploughs, when there's a drought they want the money spent on means to alleviate that and when there are floods it's flood defence that is seen as the priority.  And there is only so much money to go around (unless we all want to pay more taxes?).  The worry being that whilst we may see more of all of these in the future if current climate projections are correct.   And more windstorms as well.

But as usual, it's not just us suffering.  Central Moscow streets flooded after thunderstorm whilst torrential rain causes chaos in China.    And problems continue in Japan with today, 240,000 ordered to evacuate in Kyushu with rain falling at a rate of 110mm/hour ..... 

There's also been record summer rainfall in parts of Finland and last weekend  extreme rains flood southern Sweden  though now flood threat passes as waters start to retreat

There's also been heavy rain in Texas with flooding threat not yet over for Houston

You get the impression it's either very wet or very dry everywhere!


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