9th July - Today's News: 171 Killed in Russian Flood Disaster

This was breaking news on Saturday morning with more details coming in over the weekend.   Russia in day of mourning for Krasdonar flood deaths  More pictures here.

Puts our flooding into perspective, though still scant consulation for those affected.  The River Festival in Evesham was cancelled, though the river did not reach flood levels here.

Hosepipe bans: final four companies lift restrictions - not that anyone has much need to use a hosepipe!   And to avoid future problems we need to cut water use by 30% say Instituition of Civil Engineers

In Europe, four dead as storms rage across Germany  while in Sweden new flood warnings: 'it's going to get worse'

And in South Africa, Cape Town ramps up flood relief efforts after a wet weekend there too.

Problems of a different nature continue in America where US record heatwave leaves dozens dead and thousands of fish die in lakes and rivers across US as stifling heat continues.   But some relief as front of storms give record temps a break

And in Alice Springs, record low temperatures mean plumbers flat out during cold snap


  1. http://www.usatoday.com/weather/floods/story/2012-07-08/colorado-floods/56099332/1

    Worth noting that these will be exacerbated by the wildfires which are a form of deforestation (as well as the debris issues mentioned).

  2. Thsk - missed that. I'll add it to Tuesday's round up


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