18th July - Today's News: All Time Temp Record Broken in Morroco

Morroco hits 121f (49.6c) a national all-time heat record and the first such record of 2012 (though there was an all time highest minimum record for the US last week as Death Valley, California records the world's hottest temperature in a 24 hour period - it's maximum though was below the previous record.)

There's also been record heat for the second day in Cyprus  

And more daily records have been broken in parts of the USA and Canada as heat wave bakes much of the US and aggravates record drought.

Here in Britain, jet stream changes may bring warmer weather to UK - but there's uncertainty as to how long it'll last before we shift back into a damp rut once again.   I do have an inkling though that the meanders in the jet will shift a bit further later in August and we could see a rather hot end to the summer.  There's a lot of heat around elsewhere in the northern hemisphere this year, we just need to tap into it.

The skies clear to reveal spectacular northern lights display over England - but not here where, as usual, it was cloudy.   Seems forever since we last had a good clear night .....

We may grumble about it, but Britons remain upbeat in the downpour - and it does at least give us something to grumble about aside from price rises, incompetent politicians and the Olympics fiasco

Good footage here of one of last week's Polish tornadoes

South Asia landslides on the rise.  I wonder why? (a rhetorical question btw)

Cold weather stops Scottish greenhouse gas emissions target being met - what they foregt to mention also is that during that cold weather, all our electricity was coming from fossil fuels or nuclear because most of our windfarms had shut down due to lack of wind .....


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