27th July - Today's News: July to be Warmest Ever Month in US

But I'm sure no-one is too concerned that its summertime, and the twisters are missing.   Although yesterday, powerful storms leave thousands without power across US  with a couple of minor tornadoes reported.

In Australia,  WA's big freeze continues as Jandakot hits -0.4c but over in Victoria warm winter weather breaks records whilst in NZ, warm weather keeps snow and skiers away

(incidently: my latest winter thoughts are for a cold December, with many predicting the 'worst winter ever' but turning mild thereafter, with possibly even record temps in Jan or Feb.)

....our basic forecast issued 6 weeks ahead for the period 24-28th and the risks on the 27th in particular look like being verified.  Note our R4 period is for 27-28th so we expect the rain and thunder talked about a day or two ahead by MetO will be exceeded. So watch carefully! Brollies advised!

Our forecast for 24-28th (issued on June15) (+/-1day) said "....England Wales and Ireland mostly dry for a few days then turn extremely wet with thunder...." and the rain forecast graph shows the whole country dry for a day or so till mid 26th and the rain (risk) graph rising from then till start of 27th to coincide with the R4 27 & 28th. Rain (risk) then falls briefly and rises again to a maximum on the R5 of 30+31st. 
For the 27th ceremony itself we warned  "A high risk of major (thunder, rain etc) pose potential problems for Olympic opening ceremony..." (= A strong warning of 85% confidence).
I wonder who'll be right?
(btw so far as I'm aware, Piers did not predict this weeks heatwave, nor does it look like turning 'extremely' wet anywhere in England and Wales this weekend, though there should be a few showers in places.)

An estimated 1,000,000,000 people will watch the ceremony this evening.   So let's hope it's good!


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