4th July - Today's News: More Rain, More Flooding on the Way

Looks like July is aiming to outdo June in the 'miserable summer' stakes - with usettled, wet weather continuing for at least a couple more weeks.  Easy for forecasters though - the only issue is how heavy the rain will be!    Could well be more local flooding in quite a few places over the next few days.  As rain hits tourism and British crops - and more on the way, little wonder folk are asking why has our weather been so wet?  

And the world braves one the worst summers; May temperature second hottest since 1880 - on a global scale, our cool wet weather really doesn't count for much ....

Fish learn to cope in a high carbon dioxide world, new study suggests.  It makes sense that species with faster breeding cycles will adapt to any changes in their environment quicker and more effectly than larger species that breed more slowly - which, of course, is one reason that larger species get hit hardest in any extinction event, whatever the cause.

But the most shocking news of the week has to be that there is no evidence of mermaids, says US government.  Not that we trust them to tell us the truth, do we?


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