2nd July - Today's News: More Deaths as Heatwave & Storms Continue in US

Exactly 300mm of rain for the first 6 months of 2012 here - which is just a few mm above average.   June was wet, but only the wettest since 2009 and 3rd wettest in my 6 years of records.  Which in fact makes it pretty normal for recent years!   However it was, by far, the coldest since my temp records began in 2003.

But it's not just us, with in Sweden Stockholm set for rainiest June on record

Wind farm mylons: steel giants of the glens marring our landscape ....  And it's not just the pylons by roads built to enable the pylons to be erected.   And all because the fettered rich kids in the cities - who care for nowt but themselves - won't learn how to use the 'off' switch.


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