24th July - Today's News: Heatwave Hits Japan, Typhoon Hits HK

After record rain and floods earlier this month, heatwave claims 13 lives in Japan last week and in Korea, sweltering day and night puts country under heat wave advisories

Scores injured as typhoon lashes HK

Meanwhile, the weekend's deadly Beijing floods prompt infrastructure question but there was some good news as record rainfall replenishes Beijing water supplies, ending a 13 year drought

A warm day yesterday with 28c in London and for the rest of the week UK to swelter in hotter weather than Hawaii (assuming the UK means central, southern and eastern England and Wales) - we may well see 30c somewhere today or tomorrow.  But it looks like turning unsettled and showery by the weekend.   Which of course is close to what Piers Corbyn forecast - though whether we'll see any 'deluges' and 'thunderfloods' is another matter!   Some early indications now that this coming unsettled spell may only be short lived in the south though - watch this space.

Summer arrives ... and so does Flying Ant Day! But before you run back indoors, experts urge you to help count the swarms -  not seen any myself for a few years, ever since I wiped out the nest that used to exist under my back door step .....

As hot weather continues in large parts of the US, Kansans say the heat wave is wearing us out while in Tennessee hot weather returns with 'oppresive' humidity

In Saskatchewan, tornado lifts home with man in it whilst severe storm causes damage in eastern Ontario

Planes drop water on Spanish forests in desperate effort to control raging wildfires fires that have killed four  whilst in the Adriatic, fires in Croatia force evacuations

Bergen gets wettest July day since 1938

Torrential rain causes major disruption on roads in NZ

Heavy rain causes flood in central Nigeria that kills at least 35 people

Having defied the Nazis, islanders take on the sea - Ile de Sein off Brittany is only around 5ft above sea level

With warming, peril underlies road to Alaska - the permafrost on which it was built is melting

And new research from the Niels Bohr Institute show rise in temperature and CO2 follow each other closely in climate change


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