3rd July - Today's News: June Confirmed Wettest on Record in Britain

As expected, it was officially the wettest June of record Met Office figures show - though as previously mentioned, only the wettest since 2009 here and 3rd wettest in 6 years.

US storm-hit millions swelter in heatwave  with the latest reports saying that over the weekend storm carnage kills at least 22

And with heat, wind, fire, wind, drought, floods: scientists call US summer a global warming preview - it does NOT mean that the weather there has been caused by global warming, but that is the world continues to warm as many predict, such conditions are likely to become more common.

In Canberra,  mercury drops to -6.1c at Tuggeranong - but I was amazed to see that the average minimum there for July is -0.1c. which is colder than most towns and cities in Britain.

Cities expand by area equal to France, Germany and Spain combined in less than 20 years  - and that alone has an impact on climate, with reduced vegetation, changed albedo and increased pollution.   Though the headline should say 'may expand' as it's a prediction of what might happen by 2030.


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