31st July - Today's News: North Korean Floods Worsen

Snowdon rescue record as bad weather catches out walkers - don't they ever look at the forecast?

Weather station temperatures are over-heated, report claims - but take this with a pinch of salt, the report comes from Anthony Watts who wouldn't accept there was warming if his own mother's blood boiled dry .....   His claims have been looked at before by others who have found that in fact, if anything, US weather station data may be underestimating any temp increase

But as one ex-sceptic says climate change is down to humans, just what evidence will it take to convince climate sceptics?   And, are climate sceptics more likely to be conspiracy theorists?  In my experience, yes.   Though normally, it is those who refute 'non mainstream' theories who are denounced as sceptics ...... 

And talking of conspiracies ..... Apollo Moon flags still standing, NASA images show


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