7th July - Today's News: More Floods, as Expected

With a final total of 19.2mm of rain here yesterday it was my wettest day since last August - though not an unusual figure for the time of year.   More rain expected today though (in fact, the first of today's heavy showers is falling as I type).   Heavier rain elsewhere bringing flood problems around the country:

30,000 fans asked to avoid Silverstone which is hosting the British F1 grand prix this weekend

So, are we drowning in rainy day blues?   Is wet weather bad for business?  Well, if so, we'd best get used to it because flooding across the UK set to stay for years to come.   Though likely we'll have more droughts as well as the weather becomes increasingly 'all or nothing'.   Personally, heavy rain is not as bad for business as a heatwave would be - though severe flooding like 2007 would be just as bad.   

And breaking news this morning of Russian floods: dozens die in Krasnodar region

It's always worse somewhere else.

And another sign of man's unintended impact on the world: seabirds study: 90 percent swallowed plastic.   And as I've often pointed out, fish also swallow plastic.   And we then eat the fish.   What goes around comes around ....


  1. Hi Andy,

    Sorry if you've already posted these before (mainly nicked from Planet 3.0), but there's an interesting conversation on there about adaptation....these are "just" weather articles, but that's what adaptation will involve.




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