10th August 2012 - July Warmest Month Ever in US

NOAA confirm what we suspected would be the case a couple of weeks back: July was warmest month in 100-plus years of US record

Massive post-flood clean-up in Philippines with the death toll now on 60, whilst the UN warns 'unplanned urban expansion' to cause more floods.   And that's without any anthropogenic (or other) climate change.

And in NZ, there are flood fears for Canterbury with 6 days of heavy rain forecast next week

Marine species' deaths caused by UVB increase which in turn has been caused by a decline in ozone, due to human activity.

Drill kit begins journey to Antartica's Lake Ellsworth as the hunt for life beneath the ice steps up

Mars rover makes first colour panorama - does't look very interesting though?  Where are the Martians towns and forests?   They haven't gone and landed in a desert again, have they?!

Meanwhile, scientist discovers plate tectonics on Mars


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