17th August 2012 - Today's News: Warmest Rain on Record

It's rather warm and wet here today.   But nothing compared with what looks to have been the hottest rain on record?  Rain falls at 115f at Needles, California

Thousands of Sydney homes with power as winds hit ..... again and it's raining snow as Canberra shovers through cold blast

And it being the height of summer, it must be time to start thinking about our coming winter.   Already a harsh winter predicted for North America whilst up in the Cairngorms, ski bosses snowberries 'a sign of a hard winter' for 2012.   Supposedly.   As previously mentioned, my current thoughts are that we could see a cold start to winter, but a mild end.  Not dissimilar to 2010/11. But that may of course change and I'm starting to lean towards a return of colder conditions in late Feb/March.   A mild January sandwich.

'Tornado' causes damage to Bolton farm - though in fact it was almost certainly caused by 'straight line' winds.  It's quite common these days - now that everyone knows we get them in this country - for people to assume that any sudden, damaging, wind is a tornado.

This years miserable weather hits garden birds - though there seems to be the usual number of blackbirds, thrushes and robins in my garden this year.

Meanwhile, NOAA's state of the climate report for July reveals  that as well as having been the warmest month ever for the contiguous USA, July ranks as fourth warmest on record  globally.  This despite low solar activity, increasing aerosols from industrial activity in Asia, and a neutral ENSO.

Landslides kill more than previously thought: given the number I've reported on W&ESNews over the years (and I certainly miss most of them) that comes as no surprise to me.


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