22nd August - Today's News: Wildfire Problems Continue Across Europe, Western America

In contrast, here in Britain, after more thunderstorms yesterday (which all missed Evesham, obviously) firefighters rescue marrooned driver as flash floods hit St Helens and  parts of Greater Manchester on flood alert as forecasters predict bank holiday washout  - there's been an unfortunately trend of all the bank holidays this year coinciding with cooler unsettled spells of weather.   Although the last August bank holiday is always prone to such weather.

I wouldn't want Americans getting paranoid, but it seems that every year the 'I' storm causes problems and 2012 is looking to be no exception with a warning that hurricane could hit US Republican convention

Some good news for Americans though as their ongoing drought curtails tornadoes (well, good news unless you're a storm chaser, I suppose)

It's claimed that wind farm developers using 'tricks' to make turbines look smaller - but it must be said that anti-wind farm protestors use the same sort of 'tricks' to make them look bigger .....


  1. Re the trick. The main one in that article is that the images are the same image, just with the lower one cropped to make it look like it was taken with a different lens.

    Also, there's some debate as to whether using a 50mm lens actually is a "trick".

    h/t for both points here http://planet3.org/2012/08/25/the-50mm-trick/


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