21st August - Today's News: No Piers, You Didn't Get August Right.

It's the Aegean's turn to be hit now as wildfire sweeps across Greek island of Chios

Shanghai 'most vulnerable to flood risk' of all the world's major cities

BBC burnt over climate change claim UK will be as hot as Madeira - though of course, most newspapers have made similar misleading claims themselves, falsely implying them to be the firm convictions of science.  So don;t get too cocky Telegraph!

Lancaster University compiling best aurora borealis sites - in anticipation of some good displays this winter as we near the current solar maximum.

Cod and haddock demand 'exceeds UK sea supply' - of course, it doesn't help that half the fish caught in our seas is thrown back (dead) because the boat has already reached its quota for that species ....

And finally, a link here to (part of) Piers Corbyn's August forecast which appears somewhat less accurate than a wild guess.   It's been warm with just below average rainfall here so far, but it looks like a cooler and rather wet bank holiday weekend coming up.  The first half of the month wasn't widely wet, although there were some wet days.   The weekend was very warm in the SE, but wet in the north and west.  There are heavy showers in the north and west and and near normal temps in most parts today.   And its a bit cloudy (satellite shows widespread cloud cover over the whole of Britain).  Nothing at all like PC has suggested.    Amusing that he still goes on about a brief shower occurring before the start of the Olympic opening ceremony as proof his forecast of deluges was right whereas the Met Office's (a small risk of showers, but these should clear before the start of the ceremony) was totally wrong .....

Edit 22/8:  Piers admits he is wrong, posts a picture showing the jet briefly dropping down to N Spain (where it's often lain this summer), before drifting once again, as 'proof' of his predicted 'shift', and then forecasts a warm, dry spell for Britain in September in accordance with latest model output......  http://twitpic.com/ameuyv/fullhttp://twitpic.com/ameuyv/full


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