13th August - Today's News: More Rain Threatens Flood-hit Philippines

Well, it's over.   The greatest 2 weeks of sport in the history of, er, history ......   We had many many doubts, but in the end Britain showed we are still Great.   And our athletes did well too.   The weather also held up - looks like being much wetter and unsettled this week. 

This piece by Martin Samuel probably sums it up best: the real Team GB is all of us - let the Olympics be a game-changer  Time will tell.   Also, a nice summary from Japan:  London - the Olympics as they should be and from Australia praise indeed: it's been a rigfht bang-up job.  If they liked it, it must have been good.  

As for the closing ceremony - well, it had Eric Idle Utterly mad.  Utterly brilliant. 

And back on subject ....


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