14th August - Today's News: Wildfires 'Ecological Disaster' on Canaries

Fire in Spain's Canary Islands an 'ecological disaster' whilst in the US  wildfires threaten homes in several western states

Storms leave incredible damage behind in Texas

Incredible footage shows massive dust storm hitting Phoenix, Arizona at the weekend

Cornwall's Tregothnan Estate tea harvest 'boosted' by rain - so our wet summer hasn't all been bad news

Climate change is driving British wildlife northwards, scientists claim - well if it drives all the midges north to Shetland, I'll be quite happy!

Far northern Queensland feels big chill a snear-record lows sweep region

Fresh water breathes fresh life into Hurricanes

Latest satellite data suggest Arct sea ice 'melting faster' - it's worth remembering when someone points outthe Earth as a whole doe not appear to warming as fast as some earlier computer prediction suggested, Arctic sea ice is melting much faster than predictions made around the same time .....

Neanderthal breeding idea doubted - perhaps complicating our ancestry and indeed the reasons for differences between Eurasians and Africans today.   Interesting.


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