8th August - Today's News: Typhoon Hits Shanghai; Hurricane Hits Yucatan

But down under (in the land with very few gold medals!!!!) Brr-isbane's oit cold as longest winter chill in 17 years makes us shiver

Whilst in SA, there's cheers as snow hits capital

And after an incredibly successful (in every respect) Games, a mini heatwave expected for Olympic closing ceremony - on which note, it's worth pointing out that Piers Corbyn issued a 'free' forecast for the Olympics.  It's fair to say that there have been a few heavy showers, even 'deluges', affecting a few events (most notably on Sunday), though it's been predominantly dry so far as I have seen.  As far as this week goes though, his specific forecast was:

Mon 6th & Tues 7th / Weds 8th turning drier and briefly warmer but drizzly at times. The best days of the week.  Change during or later Weds
Thurs 9th & Fri 10th probabably continuing into start of Sat 11th.  Wetter turning very wet and locally windy.  Hail and thunder likely.  This is a Red Warning (Level R4) period so upstick rain etc shown on TV
Sat 11th and Sun 12th a brief improvement than turning very wet and colder during Sunday 12th with thunder and hail likely.  12-14th is an R5 TOP Red Warming period.

Not quite what 'standard' meteorology is currently predicting!   But I suppose the change is starting from today, and if it's cooler on Saturday he'll claim success......    (Note: this was specifically an Olympic Games forecast so we must take it as referring specifically to the London area.   Not the Hebrides.  Or even Denmark.)

On think the most accurate forecast for the Olympics would have been: temperatures close to normal for the most part, with a few heavy, perhaps thundery, showers possible at times, as would be expected for this time of year.  


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