6th August 2012 - British Thunderstorms Cause Flash Floods

Back from Moffat where I finally managed to climb a hill!  Hart Fell was my first new Corbett (hill over 2,500ft) for 5 years and also the first hill I've carried a full pack over since I can't remember when.  Weather was dry - until the Saturday afternoon when we had some thunderstorms.   But I was indoors then, so all good!

Problems in many parts of the country from heavy storms over the weekend though:

And elsewhere:



Fossilised pollen shows palm trees grew on Antarctica.   When the world was much warmer. 

Major recent earthquakes across the globe probably not linked - but I thought there were all caused by planet Nibiru ........!

And finally, a belated happy birthday to Kate - 24 again, yesterday!  (Well you're the same age as me, right?)


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