31st August - Today's News: Britain's Wettest Summer for 100 Years

Having not dropped below 11.1c in my garden all month - the highest Aug min I've recorded - it all changed last night with the temp falling to 5.9c this monring, my 3rd coldest August night and the coldest since 2003.   Elsewhere in the country, cold night breaks August records in places.   Should still end a warmer than normal month though.   Rain over the past couple of days means my August rainfall is almost spot on average.  However across the country this Summer the wettest summer in 100 years (the third wettest summer on record in Wales) - I've not checked my records yet by 2007 was much wetter here, and I think 2009 as well.  And some places saw more heavy rain yesterday and in Cumbria landslide derails train as forecasters warn more bad weather is on the way.   Tornadoes aren't unusual in Britain, even in summer (whatever the media may suggest) and this week an alleged freak mini tornado in New Forest tosses conservatory roof into the air whilst a 'tornado' hovering over North Somerset captured on camera by couple was almost certainly just a funnel cloud.   More pictures on the BBC of funnel cloud 'tornadoes' spotted over North Somerset

Thousands evacuated as huge wildfire reaches Marbella in southern Spain

A study shows that delivering solar geoengineering materials to combat global warming may be feasible and affordable - but even the author's acknowledge it may not be adviseable


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