28th August 2012 - Issac Expected to Become Hurricane and Hit New Orleans

No question on the main weather news story this week:  Issac bears down on Gulf Coast as hurricane warning issued and Obama declares Louisiana emergency.   The Daily Mail, as usual, has plenty of pictures as Tropical Storm Isaac threatens to turn into hurricane and devastate city on seventh anniversary of Katrina - though they've dropped the fake supercell image they used in an earlier story.   And a look here at how tropical storm Issac matches up against Hurricane Katrina

Stockholm enjoys six summer days in 2012 - compared with 28 days when the temperature reached at least 25c in 2011. 

Russia helps douse Bosnian forest fires whilsyt yet another fire in Madrid countryside approaching control

Arctic ice reaches record low, NASA says.  

Meanwhile, Wattsy and his gang get all excited because they think that all recent warming in the Antarctic is due to heat radiating from Antarctic bases .....  On which note, an Australian study concludes climate change deniers 'are either extreme free marketers or conspiracy theorists'

But is thee one third less life in planet Earth than previously thought?


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