11th August - Today's News: 13 Die As Lightning Strikes Bangladesh Mosque

13 die as lightning strikes Bangladesh mosque - whilst fatalities from lightning strikes on open ground are not at all uncommon on the sub-continent, so many killed indoors is, I think, very unusual.

Intense heatwave, brush fires hit southern California

In New York, tornado hits Long Island, knocking down trees

Seven dead following Mexico storms caused by TS Ernesto

In China: reservoir collapse leaves 10 dead, after heavy rains from Typhoon Haikui

In Sydney, wildest winds in six years batter coast, leaving city under the weather

A closer look at ice impacts of a rare Arctic summer storm

Unusual weather events identified during the Black Saturday bushfires that devastated Victoria in 2009

High temperatures scorch Balkan economies

Bad weather set to increase bread price - too wet in Britain, too dry in the US ....

Meteor smoke makes strange clouds - sadly though, not nocties seen in Evesham this year.

Vast volcanic 'raft' found in Pacific near New Zealand, formed of pumice from an hitherto unobserved underwater 

Interesting observations that migrating geese avoid offshore windfarm - they've learnt to fly round them, clever little dinosaurs!

And Scottish power wants Whitlee wind farm third extension - which I wouldn't object to.  Given we need at least a few such power stations, it's one of the best situated (close to roads, grid lines and the people who want to leave their lights on all night) and once there's one turbine up, the real damage is done.  More in one location, but less locations overall is my stance.

Perseid meteors: skygazers hope for spectacular show.  I suppose I ought get out with the camera tonight is it's clear,  Depending on how much wine I have first!

And finally,more nonsense from the increasingly nonsensical world of WUWT in which it is argued that it is wrong to claim fracking earthquakes: injection practice linked to scores of tremors because the  study on the effects of fracking on which the news article is based concludes that "injection-triggered earthquakes are more common than is generally recognized" .......    You couldn't make it up.


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