10th September - Today's News: Don't Worry Britain, A Hurricane is Not on the Way (but it will be very windy)

...however the remnants of Hurricane Katia will get caught up by the jet stream this weekend, become an extratropical cyclone, and quickly race across the Atlantic to, most likely, bring storm force winds to the Outer Hebrides and gales or severe gales across much of northern and western Britain on Monday. Also some heavy rain possible, most likely across the West Highlands. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone defined by structure and wind speed, however a storm with hurricane force winds is NOT a hurricane.

Thought I'd better just make that clear. Especially since even the Independent uses the 'H' word: severe storm warning as Hurricane Katia blows towards UK

(worth noting that Charley was not a 'full blown hurricane', quite a few remants have affected Britain since then, and the nearest a hurricane has actually go to the British Isles was probably Hurricane Gordon in 2006 which underwent the full transition from tropical to extratropical in the Bay of Biscay)

Floods worsen in eastern US after Tropical Storm Lee

One downpour, Delhi comes to a halt

Using 61 years of tropical storm data, scientists uncover landfall threat probabilities

More severe weather predicted around globe as La Nina sets in return season - worth noting that under La Nina we'd expect global temperatures to be lower. That we're not seeing temperatures dip is significant. And perhaps no surprise then that climate report links extreme weather events to global warming.

10,000 years of Andean glacier melt explained

Earthquake rattles Vancouver Island

Meteorites delivered gold to Earth - given the current price of gold, I could do with some meteors landing in my garden!


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