3rd September - Today's News: TS Lee Approaches Lousisana, Emergency Declared

Louisiana declares emergency as storm nears

Typhoon Talas reaches southern Japan, bringing heavy rain; reports of 1 dead, 5 missing

Millions hit by heavy floods in north and east India, however that's not necessarily a bad thing, and quite expected as India sees 2011 monsoon picking up to normal (less flooding implies a poor monsoon which in turn would have serious longer term impacts)

Tsunami alert cancelled as 'small wave' reaches Alaska

Arctic closing in on 2007 melting record

Journal editor resigns over 'problematic' climate paper and some interesting comments on this from Roger Pielke Sr here. And some further information on this story as Editor who published controversial climate paper resigns, blasts media.

Taking a fresh look at the weather - scientists from the University of Manchester point out that the 'Norwegian Model' of cyclone evolution is flawed.

A helium balloon the size of Wembley Stadium and a 14-mile garden hose: How scientists plan to cool down the planet - or, rather, not. They're just proposing a small scale test to find out whether in fact this proposal might work at all, should such desperate measures ever be deemed necessary - at present the idea of deliberately injected sulphate aerosols into the stratosphere looks the greater of two evils given the known consequences.

Volcanic rock rafts 'could have been cradles of life'


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