13th September - Today's News: Driver Dies As Ex-Katia Batters Britain

Strong winds were perhaps more widespread across Britain yesterday (my wheely bin blew over!) but didn't affect the Highlands so much as expected, indeed as the 'eye' of the depression formed from the remnants of Katia crossed NW Scotland they had it relatively calm. Nonetheless, as storm from Hurricane Katia hits Scotland there was disruption and damage elsewhere. Hurricane Katia and full Moon combine to create giant waves* Sadly a driver killed as tree falls on to car in County Durham and this morning, Northern Ireland still being hit by Hurricane Katia whilst coastline remains on flood alert as Wales hit by 82mph winds. Needless to say we had hardly any rain in Evesham from this system and September is so far shaping up to be another very dry month with less than half the average rainfall so far.

* Jonathan Powell doesn't know what he's talking about when he says this is the worst storm to hit our shores since Lili in 1996! We get worst storms nearly every winter. Though it has been one of the stongest September storms for a long time and it's certainly the worst since, er, the 23rd May 2011.

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