21st September - Today's News: Typhoon Roke Hits Japan

Four dead as Typhoon Roke makes landfall in Japan - they're having a bad time of it this year.

In China, floods claim 57 lives as rain wreaks havoc with more rain forecast for flood-hit SW

Switzerland sees record September snowfall

In the US, deadly spate of tornadoes sends sales of storm shelters through the roof

And in Indonesia, farmers flee as world's deadliest volcano rumbles

Guatemala hit by four earthquakes

Lloyds of London hit by record claims for natural disasters

Traffic fumes can trigger heart attacks say researchers

NASA's WISE raises doubt about asteroid family beleived responsible for dinosaur extinction

Controversy as Times Atlas publishers apologise for 'incorrect' Greenland ice statement

And even bigger controversy after yesterday's headlines warning that Britain faces an early big freeze - Piers Corbyn hits back saying "it's baseless hype from a gaggle of wannabees" . Meanwhile, as the 'wanabees' warn of snow and PC says October will be wet and windy, the rest of us quietly note that current model output indicates that for much of the country there looks like being a warm, dry and sunny end to September continuing into the first week of October ..... Indeed the first decent spell of high pressure dominated weather since early spring! Time will till, but whilst they can't all be right, they can all be wrong!


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