27th September - Today's News: Floods as Typhoon Nesat Hits Philippines

Powerful Typhoon Nesat hits Philippines

Utterly failing to see the irony, after last week's snow headlines, the Express tell us it's glorious ... hottest autumn in 25 years (and what they mean by that is that we could see the highest October temperatures in 25 years at the weekend - Britain's warmest autumn on record was 2006, which was also Europe's warmest in 500 years)

Rain hits relief operations in quake-affected Sikkim

In S Carolina at the weekend a near-record deluge floods basements, damage cars

Ice age blankets Raglan, NSW

Radical measures mooted as climate insurance

A MODRIS image of contrails and smoke over central Canada

In the Canaries, the island of El Hierro prepares for volcanic eruption

Salty water and gas tucked into Earth's interior helps unravel planetary evolution

And I think we already knew this? Climatic fluctuations drove key events in human evolution. If it wasn't for climate change, we might never have left the trees! And more recently, Asia was settled in multiple waves of migration, DNA study find. Something else I always thought was the case (and believe the same for the Americas)


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