19th September - Today's News: Earthquakes Hits Himalayan Villages

Rescuers race to reach Himalayan quake villages as landslides and rain hamper search for survivors

Meanwhile, over 340 dead, 6 million affected by floods in Sindh while in Thailand, flood death toll 112 - both events, albeit not unusual for the regions during the Monsoon, largely overlooked by western media.

Nice pictures, but a ridiculous, misleading headline from the Daily Mail: Stock up on hats and scarves: Autumn draws in as forecasters warn of unsettled weather ahead - in fact, as the story itself relates, temperatures are expected to be close to average. And the longer term outlook is currently for some fine settled weather to set in for the end of the month and early October, actually offering the prospect of an 'Indian summer'

Drought remains in parts of Britain - thought bizarrely the article mentions a 'wet summer' yet most of Central England - the areas affected by drought - experienced well below average rainfall. As shown in the MetO anomaly map. The Daily Mail goes further, claiming it was a washout summer, but swathes of Britain are STILL officially in drought! Though they do then make nonsense of their headline by quoting the Met Office "over the summer the rainfall in parts of East Anglia and Central England was below average". So, er, not a washout then ....

Deep oceans can mask global warming for decade-long periods - of course, I've seen some argue that recent warming is down to the oceans releasing heat they absorbed hundreds of years ago ..... can't both be right! And then there are those who claim the oceans are indeed warming, but only because of increased volcanic activity - their rationale being that if we only discover a volcano today then it didn't exist before .....

European fish stocks changing with warming seas

And scientists demand tougher guidelines on teaching creationism in schools - I personally have no problem with it being used in relgious studies or indeed in history classes as an example of primitive belief systems. Learning how and why such beliefs were developed is a useful exercise. As is the way fossils led to the invention of monsters and global floods. But if the Biblical creation myth is presented as a valid possibility of what happened, then all other creation myths from all other cultures must equally be presented as being equally valid. And that kills that one!


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