28th September - Today's News: At Least 18 Dead as Typhoon Nesat Leaves Philippines

Typhoon Nesat leaves 18 dead in Philippines

Down under, what happened to Spring? Brace yourself for wild weather whilst parts have seen the most rain since summer floods last year and storms force Melbourne flight suspensions.

Put autumn on hold - summer's finally set to arrive says the Independent in a surprisingly accurate write-up. They even manage to point out that this is not an Indian Summer!

Norwegian envoy tells sorry tale of flood-hit Sindh

Musical weather shows climate influence

A good piece here from Ed Douglas on how climbers have a key role to play in highlighting global warming - or, at least, the extent to which glaciers are retreating in some parts of the world.

Did Iceland's Katla volcano erupt under the ice this summer?

Scientist have discovered that Venus weather not boring after all - though no indication on how accurate the Venusian Met Office are with their forecasts.

Wind farm noise respite call in Welsh assembly petition - no worries, it it gets really hot or cold the turbines stop working anway!


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