2nd September - Today's News: Oklahoma & Texas Vie For US Heat Record

Weather wars have broken out in the US! But only over which State was hottest. Texas summer may be warmest in US history whilst this summer was Oklahoma's hottest on record and the Carolinas also recorded their hottest summer. Elsewhere, August 2011 hottest on record for Denver whilst after manageably warm August, second hottest summer on record in Washington DC. Official NOAA data will be released later this month.

Heavy rainstorm plods towards US Gulf Coast

Strong typhoon likely to pound Japan on weekend, agency warns

Something we've been saying for years: TV weather bulletins must be longer to improve accuracy, expert claims. Ironic that this is published in the Telegraph though, the newspaper which most consistently displays a total lack of understanding of anything the Met office say or do!

Something else I've been saying for years (and this isn't the first study to back me up, either) cutting soot emissions: fastest, most economical way to slow global warming?

Extreme 2010 Russian fires and Pakistan flooding linked meteorologically

Computers to pinpoint wild weather forecasts

Climate in past million years determined greatly by dust in Southern Ocean - or, is dust in the Southern Ocean determined greatly by climate? Or, even, is it both? Just like atmospheric CO2 and temp?

Woolly rhino fossil hints at origin of ice age giants

And finally today, on an off topic, sad note, my grateful thanks to Fort William Fire Service who doused the flames and maybe did just enough to ensure that although Gleann Dubh-lighe bothy in Lochaber destroyed by fire, it may yet rise again from the ashes.


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