17th September - Today's News: Welcome Rain Reaches Texas

Texas rain: 'like manna from heaven' - it rained quite heavy here in Evesham this morning as well. Quite strange ....

Hurricane Maria hits Newfoundland with a whimper

In the US, Fall happens every year but still gets people talking - though other there most folk consider summer to end (as I do) with the autumn equinox. So it's still summer.

Cold summer blamed for low Big Butterfly Count numbers. Not been cold here, just hasn't been hot.

Landslide in western Nepal kills 7

Channel 4 appoints its first weather presenter - time will tell whether he actually gets allowed to give us a decent forecast or not.

UK 'set to miss' climate targets - though how you can make such things legally binding when everyone in the country is responsible in varying ways, beats me. Just one of the daft, daft, ideas that make a mockery of the climate debate and fuel scepticism. And even if wecut emissions to zero, so what? If as a consequence we've encouraged the buring of more rainforests in the process. And that, of course, is where we should be starting!

And a story which we will be following closely, given it's enormous ramifications, scientists in dock over L'Aquilla earthquake - can you be cahrged with manslughter is you fail to predict a natural disaster? And will weather forecasters be next?


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