16th September - Today's News: Warning as Hurricane Maria Appoaches Newfoundland

Hurricane Maria bears down on Newfoundland

Across the Atlantic region as a whole, storm numbers somewhat deceiving - despite 14 named storms, only Irene has been significant hurricane.

I never realised this until I read it in the local paper, as it occurred the other end of the high street, but on Monday tree falls in Evesham due to high winds. Shame, as I'd have liked to have photographed it. And it looks like damage from Hurricane Katia will cost UK £100m after hig winds battered Britain.

The latest news on his year Arctic ice is that minimum cover was reached on the 9th and, accoridng to current NSIDC data, Arctic ice at 2nd lowest level since 1979 - not quite as low as previous German data suggested.

After they had such a dry spring and early summer, in East Anglia, sugar beet production starts early due to wet weather. Though reading the story it's more a case that recent, normal, rain has enabled them to start early in order to avoid the problems of frozen ground they experienced last winter. Not quite what the headline implies. Meanwhile, here it's still effectively a drought with September now looking almost certain to be the 9th month this year with below average rainfall.

Texas city makes heat record - 100 days of 100s

In India, rain fury on monsoon's last lap whilst in the Pakistan floods: two million hit bu disease in Sindh.

Also, monsoon floods kill 98 in Thailand, cause widespread damage

Well here's a surprise (not!): deforestation making Somalia famine worse, foresty expert says.

There are supposed to be high hopes for Norfolk's artificial volcano in fight against climate change - whereas I hope the experiment fails and puts an end to the nonsense. The law of unforeseen consequences will only come back to haunt us. You're doing something that causes problems, stop doing it - don't just do something else to hide it up!

And yet another reason to stop deforestation: Water evpourated from trees cool global climate

Two suns in the sunset? NASA's Kepler telescope finds planet orbiting two suns - the first to be found in a binary star system.

And a highly ironic story here as bully-boy Donald Trump vows global legal fight to halt wind farm which he says will adversely impact on his much hated super golf complex for the mega-rich ...... For once I'm on the wind farmers side! But I better money talks loudest again.


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