6th September - Today's News: Rescue Operations Continue in Japan after Typhoon Talas

Japan airlifts supplies to Typhoon stranded residents as the Typhoon toll reaches 34 dead, 56 missing and Stranded victims rescued / elderly people brought to safety after typhoon no 12's fury

In the Atlantic, Katia ramps up power, been seen missing US East Coast

Lee's remnants cause twisters, flooding in South

Mother and daughter killed in Texas wildfires

And as the first autumn storm hits Britain, Southend Pier hit by barge in high winds

While down under, winter-like blast to end Sydney's warmest weather in months and in NZ it was a warm winter overall - despite polars blasts. Much as I suspect this winter in Britain will be.

US counts the cost of nine months of unprecedented weather extremes

Pakistan flood-hit districts declared 'calamity area'

The problem with the argument that increased atmospheric CO2 is good for plants is that in order them to make use of it, plants also need more nitrogen. However, bedrock nitrogen may help forests buffer climate change. Note that this research also suggests once again that current climate model projections are likely to be wrong.

Total Arctic sea ice at record low in 2010 - despite a slight recovery in area. This year could see a record low in areas as well ....


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