7th September - Today's News: 1,000 Homes Destroyed in Texas Wildfire

Texas wildfires torch 1,000 homes

Hurricane Katia not expected to make US landfall - but its remnants look like hitting the Outer Hebrides next Monday. So more than just 65mph storms to hit Britain - though I see from that story that I should be on the look out for tornadoes!

Meanwhile, heavy rain moves north with the remnants of Lee

In Japan, typhoon toll rises to 49 as search, relief efforts continue

Lightning raid on park cops as two officers are struck by lightning in Glasgow. And in the US, 23 soldiers taken to hospital after lightning strike

Migrating birds rescued after at Newgale after high winds yesterday, whilst there was also severe weather causing problems across Dorset

Early planning to avoid repeat of Scotland's snow chaos

London ranks among worst European cities for air pollution

Somalia famine: UN warn of 750,000 deaths

We reported yesterday that in 2010 the actual amount of Arctic sea ice reached it's lowest recorded level, and it's looking possible that this summer the extent of Arctic ice set to match all-time record low.

And just to show that alarmism in climate change remains alive and well, it's alleged that 500 million people will be displaced by glaciers melting in Greenland and the Himalaya. This seems to be just the opinion of a 'former' Australian entreprenure - and thus as valid as that of anyone of the other 7 billion people on the planet. But I'm sure it won't stop the so-called sceptics getting up in arms.

After Spencer etal said they did, and the Editor of the Journal that printed their paper resigned, along comes Andrew Dessler to assert that clouds don't cause climate change. Roger Pielke Sr has commented here.

Apparently, Scottish greenhouse gas emissions falling. Of course, that may simply be down to the fact they have no heavy industry any more .....

Iceland's volcano Katla under close observation

And yes, we did go to the Moon! LRO sees Apollo landing sites and sends back some impressive, and dare I say slightly humbling, pictures


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