9th September - Today's News: Lee's Rains Bring Extensive Flooding to NE USA

Worst flooding in forty years hits Northeast USA, flooding forces Wilkes-Barre area to evacuate. In the Washington area, rain floods roads, forces evacuations, three dead whilst heavy rain floods New Jersey - again. However, there is some good news as rains from Lee improve Alabama drought picture.

Well, the figures are in and Texas endures hottest summer in US history as meteorologists blame La Nina phenomenon. And overall, the US has second warmest summer on record. The NOAA report is here.

Also worth noting that La Nina is back.

Texas wildfires as seen from space

As Katia blows by the East Coast, Nate and Maria are brewing in tropics and it still looks like Katia expected to lash parts of Britain by Tuesday, though uncertainty remains as to its exact track and, indeed, how strong the, by then, extratropical storm will be.

Dr Stephen Barker of Cardiff University, has produced a prediction of what climate records from Greenland might look like over the last 800,000 years - basically by extrapolating data from the much longer Antarctic ice cores (those from Greenland only go back ~100,000 years to the Eemian interglacial when much of Greenland was ice free). The results suggest 800,000 years of abrupt climate variability: Earth's climate is capable of very rapid transitions

Switching from coal to natural gas would do little for global climate according to a new study. However there are very many health - and indeed other environmental - benefits from doing so, which obviously were not within the scope of the study. Sorry coal guys, you still don't win.


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