30th September - Today's News: Britain Basks in Record Autumn Warmth

One of the warmest days of the year in much of Britain yesterday - indeed I suspect some places may have recorded their highest temperature of 2011. In my garden it reached 28.4c making it my 3rd warmest day. The official maximum of 28.8c at Kew Gardens was the highest ever recorded on this date in Britain. RAF Finningley (now the Robin Hood airport) near Doncaster reported 29c but this was a rounded up figure. News reports telling of records smashed in weather heatwave are therefore not entirely accurate. It's also been unusually cloud free.

But despite the heat, winter is on its way. So Plymouth city council gritters on standby whilst Heathrow airport triples snow clearance fleet. And in London, rail commuters warmed of major cold weather travel disruption*. Somehow, you just know that it's going to be a largely snow-free winter ......

* Bob the anti-Crow's comments at the end of that piece are, of course, as useless as everything else he utters. He'd be quite funny if it wasn't for the fact that some idiots actually take him seriously!

Jersey desalination plant 'may be needed' in dry spell - and here in Evesham we've had our 9th dry month of the year with once again only around 60% of normal rainfall.

Asia reels under floods as Vietnam braces for tropical storm, Philippines awaits typhoon

Ophelia prompts storm watch in Bermuda - only the 4th storm to reach hurricane status this year though.

Grim predictions say 9 more years of Texas drought possible

Brazil judge halts work on Belo Monte Amazon dam. Again.

Climate change 'could hit Canada GDP'

Volcano threat sparks evacuation in Canaries

NASA space telescope finds fewer asteroids near Earth

Orbital observations of Mercury reveal floods lavas, hollows and unprecedented surface detail


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