10th October - Today's News

Wind turbine in Sheffield broken by wind for second time - and on the subject of wind power, while wind farms run out of puff, our billswill build up a head of steam, seems Ofgem is not convinced by our current government's obsession with wind power at the expense of other forms of electricity generation. Join the club!

An interesting article from the BBC (often criticised for their AGW bias): What happened to global warming? Unfortauntely - or maybe it's deliberate? - it falls down by presenting astrologer Piers Corbyn as offering a serious alternative explanation for recent warming (and more recent lack of warming). Apparently he'll be revealing all later this month! If his theory is anything like his forecasts then it means so long as there's a mild winter on Saturn the year after he predicted a summer heatwave in Britain then he'll claim success.....

Meanwhile, Philippine death toll climbs as storm continues but some 'good' news as 6 survivors pulled from Philippines landslides

Rising sea levels are increasing risk of flooding along south coast of England - you don't say! And there was me thinking they'd reduce it. Of course, the south coast of England is still sinking as a result of isostasy - so sea levels would rise there whatever.

And up on the Moon, NASA spacecraft LCROSS impacts lunar crater in search of ice (and prompts further conspiracy theories when the predicted plume of dust failed to be visible). Hopefully they mangaed to hit the illegal cheese mine where Bin Laden had been hiding out .......!


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