5th October - Today's News

A great Torro Conference at Oxford on Saturday - where amongst other things I learnt why Denver, Colorado is the best place to go storm chasing in the States if you want the best chance of decent thunderstorms and a few tornadoes (all down to the DCVZ - Denver Convergence Vorticity Zone) - Thanks Stu! And walking back to the train station later in the evening (after the usual few drinks in the pub) I got wet for the first time in ages! Quite nice walking in the rain ...... Though back home my gauge had recorded just a paltry 0.2mm. Still, first recorded rain since 3rd September. Looks like we should get more over the next few days, in part courtesy of TS Grace which is winging its way up the Atlantic off Spain, heading to join up with some general Atlantic low pressure and through some damp, moist air our way tomorrow.

Meanwhile, what's been happening over the weekend? Well, as expected, we turn first to the East:

Asia death toll rises as Ketsana floods recede

Ketsana toll in Laos rises to 24

Latest typhoon kills 16 in northern Philippines

Tropical storm Parma lashes northeast Taiwan

Earthquake toll could triple in Indonesia after landslides bury villages
In Pulau Aiya village, roughly 400 people celebrating a wedding were overwhelmed by a torrent of mud, rock and felled trees unleashed by the quake, officials said.
(my emphasis)

Torrential rains in southern India kill 205

A bit closer to home: mudslides flood Sicilian city, at least 13 dead

Britain battered by 75 mile and hour winds as late summer disappears

Winter has yet to relent its grip on New Zealand where on Sunday snow traps Napier-Taupo motorists, hits farmers.

Soot clouds pose threat to Himalayan glaciers - though not a new story as we've been saying that for years. But the more publicity for non-CO2 induced warming and other climate change, the better.

And today's, "well we blame it for everything else" story, fresh on the back of a similar story a few days back about walruses, is: Mighty caribou herds dwindle, warming blamed. One can't help but wonder why they didn't die out entirely during the much warmer Holocene Climatic Optimum .....


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