2nd October - Today's News

Weather modification of the unintended kind: are power stations behind surprising snowfalls? And does that mean the price of houses near such power stations will now rocket as snow lovers seek to move to the most prone locations?

In India, heavy rain claims 66 lives in 3 States

In Britain, warm weather prolongs butterfly season whilst the recent dry spell (a full month now since we last had any measureable precipitation in Evesham) has led to football matches cancelled over fears dry pitches could break players legs.

New research shows ancient rainforests resilient to climate change - ah, but back in the Carboniferous there weren't pesky little homonids swarming all over them with bulldozer and kerosene cans .....

Samoa's tsunami death toll rises

Surfer survived Samoan tsunami by riding out the waves

I'm away tomorrow so the next weather news update will be on Monday. Unfortunatelyit looks like one of the main stories could well again be from Asia where Philippines in 'state of calamity' as typhoon looms.


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