22nd October - This Week's News

Hopefully bringing the news back up to date!

The British PM warms of 'climate catastrophe' - but will it be worse than the economic catastrophe he's presided over and is partially responsible for .....? Anyway, it's just empty political rhetoric. The British government have spent the past 15 years devising policies specifically designed to force more people to drive more cars more often and for longer. Still, that's our fault for letting a bunch of arrogant self-centred sociopaths run the country ..... I guess the hard line AGW sceptics will be happy though. If Brown tells us it's true then we know it probably isn't ....

Anyway, back to the weather!

Moscow to fight winter snow with Air Force

Drought continues in southern, central China

Arctic lake sediments show warming, unique ecological changes in recent decades

Forest study sees upside of climate change

Destruction of Kenya's forest feeds deadly drought
(and, incidently, is the likely reason for the declining ice fields on Kilimanjaro) - anthropogenic climate change, but nowt to do with CO2 levels.

No longer a hurricane, Rick still causing problems for cruise ships near Mexico

Earthquake weather: is there such a thing?

Tropical storm hits Mexican resort, topples trees

Haul of new planets found beyond solar system

In Aberdeenshire, man missing from flood tractor

Glacial melting may release pollutants into the environment

West Antarctic ice sheet may not be loosing ice as fast as first thought


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