13th October - Today's News

First fog of Autumn here this morning in the Vale - though all burnt off now leaving lovely fresh blue skies. Gorgeous weather - nearly as good as it gets ...... just hope it lasts for the weekend!

Anyway, some of the scenes I'm missing whilst at work can be seen online, so stop selling Christmas and enjoy the best time of the year.

Mammoth remains from the Russian permafrost offer up rich bounty

Kashmir's main glacier "melting at alarming speed" - I'm intrigued at the explanation that this is due to "warmer winter temperatures" though - if anything they ought mean more snowfall and glacial growth? Meanwhile, just a little further east, Himalayan Sherpas bugged by the sight of house flies at 5,000m - a sign of warmer summer temperatures.

Radio 4 listeners told to grab a map to get the weather forecast - frankly I would hope all Radio 4 listeners know where they live and have a pretty good grasp of British geography! If not, all fool them. Mind, Daily Mail readers may be a different matter ...... Actually, checking the Radio 4 website, it's clear that they're just trying out an idea and have suggested regular listeners check out the map to see exactly which region they are covered by. Typical of the Daily Mail to turn a spot of rain into Noah's Flood .....


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