21st October - Last Week's News

Finally back after a few days in Lochaber - West Highland weather was at it's very best, especially on Saturday. But with a week's worth of news to catch up on it may take a few days to get back to normal service. So not a lot of comment from me, just lots of links to weather and related news stories starting with those I've not yet mentioned from last week up to the 18th:

In California, the remnants of Typhoon Melor meant rainfall records fall in epic storm

Arctic land and seas account for 25% of world's carbon sink

Arctic to be ice free in 20 years: scientist (or rather, there'll be a good deal less arctic sea ice in summer in 20 years time ... I do wish journalists would stop confusing the Arctic (region) with the Arctic Sea!)

NOAA: El Nino to help steer US winter weather - which should be good news as it looks like States like California and Texas that have been suffering worse from drought should be wetter. We'll see ....

Meanwhile, NOAA also tell us that global surface temperature for September was second highest on record

Nor'easter soaks US Atlantic coast, dumps pre-season snow

Flood warning for drought hit East Africa

Hurricane Rick builds to Category 5 off Mexico whilst in the Pacific Typhoon to spare Manila, north braces for disaster

The "what killed the dinosaurs" debate gets even more complicated - maybe it was a meteorite, but not the one that hit Chicxulub? Giant impact near India - not Mexico - may have doomed dinosaurs

Tomorrow we'll catch up with this week's news!


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