23rd October - Today's News

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First up though, a story from Austria from a last week that I missed but which has cropped up on a few conspiracy oriented websites this week as a result of it's bizarreness (is that a word?): hunting season called off after weather chaos
Provincial hunting chief Sepp Eder said today (Thurs) that 80 per cent of rabbits and 90 per cent of pheasants had been killed by tennis-ball sized hail in the Michaelbeuern, St. Georgen, Lamprechtshausen and B├╝rmoos municipalities.
The hailstorms actually occurred last July - though English newspapers, such as the Daily Star, have reported the event as though it occured this month. Yet another reason not to entirely believe what you read!

Twitter and Facebook to warn of cyclones

4 year drought pushes 23 million Africans to brink of starvation

Advanced biofuels will stoke global warming - but make lots of money for people who don't give a damn

Tuesday is the rainiest day


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