26th October - Today's News

Can tropical cyclones be stopped? I think the answer is probably no. And when we're taking geoengineering at any scale, then beware of unexpected consequences lying just around the corner....

Meanwhile, in Florida they're currently not too bothered since hurricane season one of the most tranquil on record - certainly been a while since we had a season where no major storm made landfall. Though I wouldn't get too complacent. And it's just as well given that storm threat to New Orleans out of our control, says General.

It's been far from quiet in the Eastern Pacific this season though. Currently the latest big storm Typhoon Lupit nears southern Japan.

Meteorite falls in northern Latvia, no-one injured

And finally, not a news story as such, but at the weekend the BBC broadcast their occasional late night programme 'The Weather Show' which included (around 15 minutes in) a section presented by Carol Kirkwood discussing energy production.

The programme can currently be viewed on iPlayer here:


Bizarrely, at the start of this, she stated that in the future Britain can expect harsher winters and hotter summers .... As yet, no-one can figure out why she said this since even under global warming scenarios there is no suggestion that winters will become anything but milder. Do the BBC know something we don't? If I hear any more (or any reasonable explanation - beyond improbable 'Day After Tomorrow' type scenarios) I'll let you know.


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