24th October - Today's News

In North Queensland there are windy new years fears with the first cyclone of the season expected around the beginning of 2010.

Ethiopia requests $175 million in aid as drought crises looms

Heatwave Earth in 50 years, warns top scientist - which is possible, just very highly unlikely ....

Typhoon Lupit spares Philippines - and having then been downgraded, Tropical Storm Lupit brings flooding to northeast Taiwan

NASA mission to study the Moon's fragile atmosphere

Climate scientists uncover major accounting flaw in Kyoto Protocol and other climate legislation - and it's a pretty serious flaw because it allows for - and potentially promotes - the burning of yet more rain forests in order to grow biofuels ..... Which of course is the first and easiest thing to stop doing in order to cut carbon emissions! D'oh! And on the subject of biofuels (possibly the most ludicrous, illogical and misguided idea of modern time) future consequences of a global biofuel programme predicted
...carbon loss stemming from the displacement of food crops and pastures for biofuels crops may be twice as much as the CO2 emissions from land dedicated to biofuels production. The study, led by Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) senior scientist Jerry Melillo, also predicts that increased fertilizer use for biofuels production will cause nitrous oxide emissions (N2O) to become more important than carbon losses, in terms of warming potential, by the end of the century.
Solution? Stop bringing forests and convert already cleared land to sustainable food production - whilst simultaneously developing more fuel efficient forms of transport and making them cheaper for developing nations to buy and use.


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