Whilst the media have already forgotten her, there's an informed discussion taking place on UKweatherworld at the moment on what type of storm 'Grace' actually was.

Typhoon Melor hits Japan as new earthquakes cause panic in the Pacific

Typhoon lashes Japan on landfall

Is El Nino behind spate of Pacific typhoons?

Meanwhile it's also been a bit breezy in New York where fierce winds topple trees, cut power and tie up traffic.

Bad news for the doom-sayers as NASA refines asteroid Apophis' path towards Earth - and the chance of it impacting Earth in 2036 has now fallen from one-in-45,000 to about four-in-a million. Oh well, it was never that big as asteroid anyway.

In Britain, a new coastal map could help strengthen sea defences.

And down in Antarctica they're peering under the ice of collapsing polar coast.


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